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Updated: Oct 16, 2023

As I walked with my 5 year old daughter Atarah, we came across this flower growing in the road. I was struck with the beauty of this little flower growing in a very hard & difficult place.

I heard the LORD say, “There’s a sprouting and a blooming that will occur in the hard and difficult places of people's lives. Tell My People do not look at the hardness & difficulty (concrete), just continue to water the seed of destiny with the water of My Words that I spoke to you in the past season. I WILL cause My Beauty to arise in the difficult places and even in the hardest hearts of family members who seemingly have no interest in who I AM.

Tell My People, especially the one who is battling weakness and the voice of accusation (condemnation) - that My strength is made perfect in surrendered weakness and My Choice is not like man’s choice. I choose the weak

and foolish things of the world to nullify the strength and wisdom of this world.”

So I say to the one that feels overwhelmed by the difficulty that surrounds them - you will NOT give up, but you're getting up not by might nor by power but by My Spirit says the LORD of Host! I say receive, right NOW, your fresh wind, your fresh impartation of strength - the wind of the Holy Spirit. I say, God is not done. He actually has just begun. I declare, the goodness and mercy of Father God is overtaking you RIGHT NOW! You're not going to live in disappointment, nor regret but you will be overwhelmed by the Beauty that Father God will bring forth in the days ahead.

So I say, Hope Arises - Beauty Arise! Receive your new perspective of the concrete (hard situation & hard people/relationships) your walking upon in this season.

Blessings My Friends, Ed

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