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The Book of Words, Prophetic Word and Vision

The Lord said “I’m opening the book of words and I’m settling accounts. For I'm giving to each the stewardship of their words. Did I not say life and death are in the power of the tongue, and you’ll eat the fruit of what you speak? I’m settling accounts concerning the words that were spoken in the past season. I say to you, that its not just concerning your own individual mandate - I am calling you before Me concerning your stewardship of words. I'm calling you to come and stand in my counsel before Me. And I say to you, if you will take days and come before me. I will give you the ability to redeem the words, even the idle words, and the words that were spoken in foolishness, I'll give you the ability to redeem those words and I will put the word of My Mouth in your mouth. I will put a 100 fold word of return for 2023 in your mouth but you must come and stand before me!

So I say take a 10 day period and come before Me and I will show you the words that have been spoken, and the words that were spoken not of My Spirit. I’ll give you the ability to repent and redeem those words. For I will put words of Light in your mouth that will shift eternal purpose and your stewardship. I will even expand your sphere of stewardship if you'll come, because it has far more concerning you and your individual mandate. For I AM, expanding the sphere's of stewardship in the season ahead in this fullness of time. For I am redeeming words that were spoken against you! I am holding the accounts of words that have been spoken, even in opposition to you, for I will come and annihilate those words that were put on you and spoken against you. I will bring a cancellation to those words, I will cut them off. For I'm dealing with the words that you don't even know of, that have been spoken over you and your bloodline, that have been spoken in generations past. As you come before Me, know the books are open, and I will cut off those words that have been a snare to your bloodline and you will see your family members set free! So come to Me says the LORD, and I will put a Word in your mouth, a Word of Light that will shatter the chains of darkness off family members.”

Lord, we repent of every idle word we have spoken over ourselves and others. We repent of every word we spoke that was Not Your Word. Circumcise the eye of our heart giving us the ability to see through covenant, the circumcised heart! Lord remove the deep hurt and pain of the past, that has caused us to speak out of a place of disappointment instead of Divine Appointment. We thank you for the redemption of our words. For crop failure on idle empty words and a harvest on the words of truth. We ask for the uprooting and removal of the power of the words that have been spoken over us and our bloodline. I thank you for eyes to see and decree from eternity- shifting the temporal realm with words of eternal light from your mouth released through our mouth. So we renounce every word that has not been your words and we receive the words of Your Mouth that produce 100 fold return in the year ahead.

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