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"Get Ready For The 3rd Day"

The Day of Yahweh - Whirlwind of Fire Throne Chariot Coming

Get Ready for the 3rd day - get ready for Yahweh, He’s coming in a whirlwind - a whirlwind of Fire. He’s coming in a Chariot - His Chariot of Fire! - He’s Coming, People get ready He’s coming. He’s coming in a whirlwind of Fire - His Throne Chariot and all its wheels are burning - all it’s wheels are turning. Behold the 4 living creatures, behold the 4 living voices as they release the 4 winds of Yahweh into the earth.

From the ends of the earth into every tribe, tongue, and nation - winds of resurrection, winds of eternity blowing into every bloodline.

Choose this Day whom you will serve. Choose this Day whom you will serve. It’s Last Call! It’s the Call to ALL, it’s a call to every bloodline! Stand at Attention and Hear the Word of the Lord. Seize this moment, this moment of Yahweh’s Atonement - seize this opportunity, this portal to come into unity. Seize this Portal to SEE - to see the eternal destiny of your bloodline awakened and restored.

I say to every Ear - HEAR! I say to every EYE - SEE! Seize this opportunity - seize this portal to come into Unity with Yahweh original intent for your bloodline.

Just open the Door, Behold He stands at the Door! Behold He knocks, do you HEAR the sound. He’s Standing at the door — the door of your bloodline! He’s standing at the door — the door of your family tree. Open the door! Open the door - for the glory of the Lord. It’s a Glory Invasion, it’s a Glory Restoration! The restoration of Yahweh’s glory destined for your blood. It’s a Restoration move! It’s a Restoration Movement! It’s the restoration of the Kingdom, The Kingdom Come, the Will of the King being Done, Heaven truly invading the earth. Once again, it will be said - the Kingdom is at HAND - do you see this? If so, Choose this Day whom you will serve! It’s Time for the All In Company. It’s Time for the Living Sacrifices to be seen walking upon the Earth. It’s Time for the Witnesses of Yahweh to be unveiled in the earth. Here they come! Here they Come! The unveiled face Ones. Do you SEE? Here they come, coming from Mont Zion with unveiled face. They’re the shinning one’s that all the scripture points to. 1 generation with unveiled face - a people Made Ready, made ready for the Lord. A people walking in mature union with the Lord. So I say a Light Arises a Light breaks forth and Shines. I declare the decree of Yahweh. Arise n Shine my shining ones. It’s time!

It’s time for the 70 to see, (Gen. 10&11 the 70 Nations) to see what they forfeited, and what forfeited - was ME! They raised their fist in rebellion, against My Holy Word. They chose the voice of man - over Me. They said Let us arise - arise and build a tower reaching to the heaven, (Gen. 11:1-f) come let us make a Name for ourselves. But what they failed to see, what they failed to hear — was — I was calling them by Name, calling them into My Name, to manifest My Name, My Glory, to the ends of the earth.

NOW I’m calling once again, I’m calling to the original 70 bloods, the original 70 nations. I’m speaking from the Fire once again, I’m speaking through the eternal flame. I’m summoning a remnant to return. Return to ME, return to the flame— surrender to the Fire, surrender to the flame. Surrender and I will bring you through as Pure Gold. Behold, I’m forging My Lampstands and setting them in their appointed place. If you will yield to the Fires of Refinement, I will forge you into My Lampstand - One that will release Eternal Light - One that will release the Glory that I designed your blood to release.

I will burn away - all trauma, I will burn away all pain, I will burn away all treachery and all the deceit of the enemy. I will restore your sound, the Voice of your Blood. I declare, You’re a Voice from the flame, the all consuming flame, consuming every Enemy. Your Voice will release the sound of dominion, your bloodline will manifest the dominion that I Designed it to release. Don’t run from the Fire, don’t run from the Eternal Flame, but run to fire, run through the flame. And you will SEE what you never thought possible, you ‘ll see Me and I will send you from that place, it’s the place of My Face. You’ll be My walking Lampstand, My Burning Bush in this wilderness of temporal time - releasing My Voice and causing many to Turn Aside, causing many to see, to see Me. Today if you Hear My Voice, do not harden your heart, do not say you have more time, for I say NOW is your Time, Today is your Day. Today is the Lord’s day, Today is the day of Yahweh, today is a Day of Atonement, today is a Divine Moment.

Will you turn aside, will you turn aside? Will you just let go? then you will truly See and truly know that I Am that I Am. That I AM the Eternal One who made you for this moment, this moment of time, called Today!

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