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ACCESS GRANTED: Regional Lampstands Be Established

I’m giving access to my Prepared Ones, my Chosen ones —-access to what has not been accessible before - the scroll of Origins - the scroll of My Original Intent - My Original Purpose for every tongue, tribe, and Nation. I’m Summoning a people, a Remnant Company, to leave the Lesser Things behind and come up here, come up My Holy Mountain.

To those that answer the call to Surrender All - I will Reveal the Scroll of Inheritance for their bloodline, for their region, for their Nation. Once again, My faithful stewards will walk the earth and call forth My Glorious Inheritance within every bloodline and every family tree.

I say SEE what you could NOT see before, I say to the Eyes of My People be opened and Behold the Open Door. I’m giving those that have ears to hear an opportunity to ascend My Holy Mountain and receive the Blueprint Prophecy for their Sphere of Stewardship that I have allotted to them. I have a Divine Pattern for every Tongue, Tribe and Nation.

I have a Divine Pattern for every blood. I have a BluePrint Pattern for your city but I’m in Need - in need of a Faithful Steward. ONE who will build exactly according to the Pattern that I Reveal to them on My Holy Mountain.

I’m calling for a People who will NOT fear the Voices, Nor the Faces of Men, but will Fear Me and no other. To them I will grant Great Access to the Scroll of Inheritance which has been held on Reserve, waiting for an Appointed People at an Appointed Time, a people Prepared to Steward Rightly and Righteously that which I Am releasing in this Glory Dispensation of My Body upon the Earth.

I am raising up and I am restoring Regional Lamp-stands that release Supernatural Light. Pure Light that dispels generational demonic darkness and uproots thrones of iniquity & injustice. These iniquitous structures have been deeply rooted within their region and unmoved by the Religious Structures that bear My Name but fail to Walk in and manifest My Name. I say NOW is this Time for My Regional Body to Arise & Shine. I say Now is the Time for My Glory to go forth from the Ends of the Earth - back to Jerusalem.

Just as - My Spirit moved through My Chosen Ones from Jerusalem to the Ends of the Earth, Now once again — My Spirit will move through My Chosen ones, My prepared Ones — from the ends of the earth back to Jerusalem.

I am lightning up a remnant company in every tongue, tribe and Nation - a people who will walk in and manifest My Original Design & Purpose .

So I say to the Remnant of your Region - Arise Shine your Light has Come.

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