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5783 Suddenlies: Sudden Moves of Holy Spirit

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

The last couple years has been a season of FORCED MOVES by the enemy where there has been great loss, but I heard the Lord say: “I am coming to DIVINELY position those completely surrendered to My Hand. Tell My People do not be discouraged by the last season of unexpected loss for I am coming in sudden moments and suddenly moves of My Spirit to position My People for a CHECKMATE MOVE upon their enemy.”

5783 will not be a STALEMATE SEASON - but it will be a CHECKMATE SEASON of Holy Spirit through His People.

Open borders and illegal immigration was the enemy’s political plan but I heard the Lord say, “I'm flipping the tables of the enemy's plan and releasing my redemptive plan. For I am moving my Hispanic/Latino Ekklesia into a position of checkmate move upon the Kings that are using my people as pawns in their chess game.

For the Latino and Hispanic bloodlines coming into this country will be hit with my commissioning flame. They will release my wildfire - my unstoppable fire that will consume the enemy's attempts to use their bloodline’s as political pawns.”

5783 is a key time to surrender completely to the Holy Spirit’s moving and positioning (don’t let your brain talk you out of what the Holy Spirit is saying). Be refreshed in faith NOW, and live in a fresh exception of the mighty rushing wind to position you for a checkmate defeat of the enemy of your harvest.


Chess Terms:

  • A FORCED MOVE is one that a player must make to respond to a threat posed by an opponent. If a player's king is in check, for instance, that player must make a move that gets their king out of check and many times results in loss of another key chess piece weakening your field.

  • A STALEMATE is a kind of draw that happens when one side has NO legal moves to make. If the king is NOT in check, but no piece can be moved without putting the king in check, then the game will end with a stalemate draw!

  • A CHECKMATE occurs when a king is placed in check and has no legal moves to escape. When a checkmate happens, the game ends immediately, and the player who delivered the checkmate wins.

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