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April 18th - May 1st

Summit: April 20th - 21st

As the nations rage and the anti-christ spirit intensifies, God is watching over His word of Malachi 4:5-6.  

He is moving to release the spirit of Elijah as a restorative force in the world.  What better place than Mt. Carmel to convene and be released to journey forward in the spirit of Elijah!  


The Summit will be a convergence of visionary voices in Israel and in the nations.  The journey will include key sites in Israel as well as Jordan as we take a view of God's restorative plan and end-time purpose for Israel and the nations.  


We invite you to step into this dynamic summit and journey to strengthen the spiritual walls of Jerusalem and Israel (Isaiah 62:6-7), for such a time as this!

Elijah PDF's
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Important Dates & Information:

Dates: April 18th through May 1st, 2023

Cost: $3,050 

  • $500 deposit due by 01-22-2023 (non-refundable)

  • $2,550 remaining due by 02-22-2022 

  • Airfare is *not* included

Paying Instructions:

  • Make checks payable to Zion Gate Ministries

  • Mail $500 Deposit and Application to:​ 1189 Roman Dr., Flint, MI 48507

  • Payment through PayPal is available -- additional requirements apply

Questions about Spirit of Elijah Tour? Please email

How To Pay via PayPal

If for any reason you are not able to pay via check, we have made the option of receiving your deposit(s) and payment(s) via PayPal. To Pay via PayPal, please click the icon below.

Requirements: Include 4% of the amount you're paying on top of your final total. 

For example: $1,000 paid towards trip + $40 for processing fees = $1,040 final amount due.

Online payments of any kind automatically have processing fees. Due to this, any amount paid will automatically have these fees deducted from the amount paid should you not add the 4%.

We want to make this as easy as possible for all and sincerely appreciate your understanding in this matter. We simply ask that you adhere to the above requirements. Blessings.

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