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The Noah Company- Sons of Rest

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

This is a prophetic word that I wrote for a spiritual son Noah, who was being commissioned on the last day of Sukkot. It became a prophetic word over a Noah Generation. I waited to release it today, on Shabbat, in accordance with the torah portion ‘Noach’ (Gen. 6:9 - 11:32) Noah means rest which comes from the root Hebrew word for Resting Place!

Noah, you are the chosen of the LORD, you are one who will bring THE REST of the LORD to many and help establish the RESTING PLACES of the LORD.

I saw a mantle fall upon you. The mantle was brilliantly white literally shimmering with light. It appeared to be a mantle of light which I discerned to be a mantle of revelation. The LORD is clothing you with revelation to help build places of the LORD’s REST in the time of the restoration of all things.

Noah you're a spiritual pioneer in a company of pioneers.

The Noah Company is a NEW BREED of Messengers - MESSENGERS of REST.

The new breed movement is a PURE BREED GENERATION that have given themselves to the LORD, a generation without mixture. The LORD is saying NO MORE mixture of wills, no more mixture of agendas, no more mixture of wisdoms for I am summoning this generation to come up here through My Open Door. Come up - ascend My Holy Hill - the hill of My Holiness.

Noah, (Noah Company) the Lord would say, “ GUARD and STEWARD your mantle. For some will pull on your mantle with wrong motives. Some will want to use what the Lord has given you for a lesser purpose than His eternal purpose.

Noah, I hear you must know that your ordination - commissioning is not a natural ordination - commissioning but a supernatural ordination and commissioning. As the Apostle Paul declared in Gal. 1:1 &12 that his commissioning was not from the hand of man, nor the agency of man, but from the LORD. Know that you’re in the company of pioneers being sent from the LORD. The Noah company is a facet of the LORD’s Generation - the generation that seeks His Face!

I say, Noah Company hear the voice of the LORD and behold His open door. In the YEAR OF 4 (5784-2024) and during THE ERA OF 4, you’re being sent from the midst of THE 4 LIVING ONES before the throne. The Lord Generation is being commissioned from the waters above (the sea of glass) enabling you to have authority over the waters below.

For the LORD would say, “I’m giving you ACCESS and STEWARDSHIP in the scroll room. Come up here and see the DESTINY and the DESTINATION of ALL GENERATIONS. You MUST understand that I‘m calling your generation to build what has never been seen nor accessed before. It’s as My servant Joshua said to the children of Israel during a time of great transition - ‘you’ve never been this way before’. You must build only what I reveal to you.”

So here the Word of the LORD, ‘as it was in the days of Noah, so it will be also in the days of the Son of Man.’ (Luke 17:26)

“Even as My Servant Noah built what had never been seen before (an Ark) so it will be once again.

“Remember the KEY to OPEN the DOOR is INTIMACY - in Me you will see what generations have longed to see. If you build rightly and righteously you will save many from destruction. Just as I revealed my blueprint for the ark to My Servant Noah, I am once again revealing my blueprints to build the structures that will rise above the storm that is coming upon the earth. “

“I AM the STORM that is coming. The waves of my Eternal Kingdom are just beginning to hit the earth and My People are NOT ready. You must make My People ready for the HOUR is URGENT and My People have been lulled asleep by seducing spirits of the present age. Yield yourself to Me and I will blow through you as My Shofar releasing the sound of awakening in the earth and breaking the apathy and seduction that has overtaken My People. “

“Know you are not alone for I AM commissioning a NEW BREED - PURE BREED movement in the earth that will release the awakening sound, awakening My Eternal Purpose in the bloodlines upon the earth. Many will resist the sound but do not fear their faces - Fear Me! Those that have ears to hear - will turn and return wholeheartedly back to My original design for My Covenant People. Those that turn and return will rise above the flood and the storm to come, those that resist, will be swept away to destruction.”

“My SONS of REST will build the PLACES of MY REST - places of restoration for the consummation of the ages and culmination of the restoration of all things. My Resting Places will be places where My Spirit will rest and remain. They will release the works that I Myself did and the greater works that have been reserved for THE GENERATION OF MY UNVEILED FACE. For as My Servant Paul declared, My New Covenant Body will come from My Holy Mountain with an unveiled face releasing a greater glory than Moses. It will be the Latter Glory of My Covenant Body during the time of My Latter Rain Harvest.”

“The LATTER RAIN is coming and it will awaken MY SEED in the sons and daughters of men who are obedient to turn and return wholeheartedly to ME. Yet, My People do not discern that the LATTER RAIN that will awaken the dormant seed will also sweep away many that are not made ready for that DAY.”

“For the consummation of the ages is at hand and My Bride is NOT ready. Make My Bride ready! For My Bride, My Covenant Partner has given herself to the false comforts of the present age she has become weary. She has lost her way and forsaken her 1st love and is about to completely fall asleep. Gross darkness is truly coming upon the earth, but Fear Not! For I WILL AWAKEN the greatest light and witness that the earth has ever seen or experienced. I WILL have an equally yoked Bride in UNION with ME - in union with my heart and emotions. My Bride will love ME with all her heart, all her mind, with every thought and all her emotions and strength.”

“Discern the stages of My COMING! I will first COME TO My Bride and call her to absolute surrender, the RENEWAL of HER COVENANT VOWS to Me! Then I will COME INTO My Bride to consume her with the flame of MY Love, My all consuming fire. Then I will COME THROUGH My Bride to release the greatest light and witness to the nations of the earth. And then I will COME FOR My Bride and she will be with Me eternally where I Am!”

Father God I thank you that you have found a Noah Company that have positioned and prepared themselves to receive your ordination and commissioning. As they wait upon you and pour their lives before you as a drink offering I thank you for Your Hand upon them. I thank you AT YOUR APPOINTED TIME FOR THEM, according to the measure of their mandate, that THE MANTLE OF LIGHT will fall upon them. Enabling them (the Noah Company) to carry out the prophetic mandate upon them and their generation. In Yeshua Ha Mashiach (Jesus Christ) Name I bless you, Amen!

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